Contestant Profile
Gender Male
Hair color Orange
Eye color Black (dotted)
Family Brothers, father
Friends Geoff, Harold
Enemies Duncan, Eva, Staci

Camp TV

Team(s) Killer Bass
Eliminated S1: Dodgebrawl
Place S1: 12th
Rodney, labeled The Country Boy, was a camper on Camp TV: Wawanakwa as a member of the Killer Bass.


Camp TVEdit


Rodney makes his debut on the series premiere and notices that the island is not what was on the brochure. He comments that he is actually glad, because now he'll be much more comfortable with himself. After everyone arrives, he is placed on the Killer Bass and immediately hits it off with the other guys. Rodney does fairly well in the first challenge. Initially, he struggles with jumping off the cliff but Geoff convinces him that it'll help the team. For the remainder of the challenge, he helps the team build the hot tub, but is also constantly bothered by Staci. When the Killer Bass are declared the losers, he and the rest of the team vote her off.

He does not to very well in The Big Sleep and during the second part of the challenge, he is the first to fall asleep. Despite his failure, he joins the majority of the team and votes off Eva for her outbursts.

Rodney is determined to prove his usefulness to the team in the next challenge during Dodgebrawl. At the cabin, he talks to the guys about saving him from the last elimination and thanks them for giving him another chance. Duncan shuts him down and says that if it was up to him, Eva would still be here because they'd have a much better shot with her still in the game. Rodney is told to ignore Duncan by Harold. He becomes excited that the challenge will be a dodgeball game and tells the team to follow his lead. Despite wanting Duncan to lead the team, they accept as Duncan went to sleep on the bleachers. Much to his surprise, Rodney is the first one out of the game and is knocked out in the process after Owen whips a ball at him. Once he is awake, he is told that once again his team lost. He attempts to get the guys to vote out the last remaining girl, but at the elimination ceremony he is eliminated.





  • Rodney is the first male contestant to be eliminated in the Camp TV series.


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